Attention !!
Likes Hobie Brown + various spider-people, stars, art, DIY culture, comics, goth literature, Bats, Robert Smith, all of Gojira
Dislikes Cringe culture, cops, hateful ideologies, twt, MHA fans, loud noises

Vampyre Teeth !!

Sam or Vampy
Digital creator, Metalhead, guitarist, ADHD, 4teen, horror enthusiast

Nazi punks fuck off !!

B4 U Follow !!

all u rlly need to know is that I make kys/kms jokes often and might post triggering content (mainly just drawn gore), n please use tone tags! <— link

Do Not Interact !!

basic criteria (lgbt-phobic, racist, abelist, etc.) , Under 13, proship/comship, NSBM supporter, NSFW acc, DSMP, "dark humor", pro-cop/blue lives matter


FANDOMS Moon Knight, ITSV/ATSV, JJBA, Sleep Token, Deadpool, Ghost (the band), BSD, The Crow, CSM, Arcane
MUSIC metalcore/hardcore, beatdown hardcore, darkwave, post punk, death metal, deathcore, classic punk +more (look @ spotify for fav bands)
HORROR Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Hellraiser, Donnie Darko, Hostel, The Shinning